Sunday School

There are 3 Children’s Church classes: 5-8 year olds with Amy Tobin, 9-12 year olds with Antoinette Wludyka and 13-16 with Anndelynn Carroll. There is also a staffed Toddler’s Room headed up by Getta Murphy for children ages 1-4 during the sermon.

Worship Team

The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people. Praise and Worship are important exercises in our service to God. In a rev-elatory word, the Lord spoke to Pastor Kevin’s heart that what He would do here in this Church on the island would be done half with Praise & Worship and half with the Word. Our Youth Pastor, Mark Tobin leads the worship time accompanied by various instruments and backup singers.

Bible Study

Bible Study meets each Wednesday evening always centered on learning more about Him through His Word. We enter into a time of Praise & Worship, Prayer and have a variety of means of delving in-to the Word through various Bible Teachers by DVD or one of our own Pastors. Each night is always thought provoking and Biblically challenging to get closer to Christ.

Church Magazine

Where Eagles Soar is a bi-monthly publication of the Church. The purpose of the magazine is two-fold: to get the Message of Salva-tion out using the printed media and to demonstrate that Christianity is a 24/7 experience involving every aspect of our lives! The magazine has regular contributors from the Church plus a testimony of salvation, healing or something specific that the Lord has done in someone’s life. Articles consist of: Health & Fitness, Salvation & Prayer, Dealing with the Prophetic, a Bible Study, a Youth Page, Chil-dren’s Pages, Recipes and Hints, Jokes and Cartoons, and a Focus on the Family.
If you would like to receive your free copy, just contact us with your name and address and we will send you a free copy by mail. If you would like to subscribe, we are asking for a donation of 15.00 a year just to cover the mailing costs.

Media Ministry

A faithful crew of volunteers produce video tapes of the morning Church Services
All of our services are also available on CD for a cost of $4.00 each.
Our services are also streamed live to the internet. They can be viewed by going to the Church Website at:

Home & Hospital Visitation

Home and Hospital Visitation is a ministry that is carried out by Pas-tor Bruce (902-562-1312) and Ozzie (902-562-8113). If you would like a Home Visitation please contact us.
For Hospital Visitation, please let us know if you are going in or are in or know someone from the Church who is in. Encouragement, Scripture, Prayer and sometimes Anointing with oil is offered in our ministry to the sick.

Guest Home Services

Ministry to all ages is vitally important for us as a Church. We are in-volved with the local ministerial taking turns going to four different Senior Homes in the area. The Seniors love the old hymns and hear-ing the Word presented in an interactive way to encourage them. People from the Church volunteer as singers and are there to talk to the Seniors at the end of the service.