Shortcodes are Integrated in default editor.

To make your life easier and prevent from possible errors/typos we integrated shortcodes in editor panel. So you don’t need to remember all these shortcodes anymore! You can easily add any of them by simple click on shortcode buttons.

You can see where shortcode buttons (1) located on mimages below. When you edit page/post, switch to Visual (2) mode to see shortcode buttons.

We do not provide shortcodes list to prevent typos, that users do all the time. If you need to add any shortcode, do this by clicking on specific shortcode button.

Do NOT copy shortcodes code from examples or from dummy pages content! They may by outdated or have typos!

Shortcode Settings

After you click on shortcode button a popup with options will appear ( or it will be added to content if it has no options).

Simply adjust settings in this popup, i.e.: gallery category, whether to use filter or not, how many to show per page, etc. And after you are done with settings, click “Insert” button.

Shortcode will be placed in content, inside your editor. Exactly where the syntax is placed depends on where your cursor is. So don’t forget to place cursor in correct place in your content, before adding shortcode.

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Adding Shortcodes to Widget.

You can add shortcodes in Text widget.
As you can see on image, there are text info with button shortcode.

To add shortcode in widget:

  1. Create new page
  2. Click to add shortcode
  3. Adjust settings
  4. and insert it to page.
  5. After that, copy shortcode code and paste it in Text widget.

Do NOT edit shortcodes code manually.

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List of Shortcodes

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